Evolution Site Services, LLC is a privately held company that specializes in developing and managing wireless communications facilities for a select group of customers throughout New York and New England. These customers are primarily the providers of Personal Wireless Service Facilities. Additional customers include Emergency Service Providers, Two-Way Radio operators and Traditional Radio Broadcasters. In order to facilitate our customer's needs Evolution secures the necessary real estate for a new facility, obtains all necessary federal, state and local permits and approvals, coordinates and supervises construction activities and maintains the completed installation. Evolution's involvement in each project starts with confirming a projects need and the initial site identification then continues through the permitting, development, construction and maintenance phases. Prior to the successful project completion, each new site is marketed to the FCC licensed personal wireless service providers in the area to maximize potential lease up opportunities.

To deliver quality and timely service to its clients throughout the Northeast, Evolution is strategically located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Site acquisition and construction management personnel are located in Massachusetts and New York to work with the landowners and our clients to insure that all facilities are developed, constructed and maintained to the highest standards.

Evolution is a regional company that has extensive experience in the development and ownership of wireless telecommunication and broadcast infrastructure throughout the northeastern United States.  For over 30 years Evolution's executives have provided a variety of communications services from site acquisition, permitting, designing and building sites to operating, managing and acquiring ownership of wireless facilities. This experience includes prior employment with the two largest carriers (presently known as Verizon Wireless and AT&T), which gives us a unique perspective of their goals and planning procedures. We have also worked closely with other national carriers to permit and develop sites on their behalf. This experience, combined with our knowledge of the development process and the inner workings of the New York and New England permitting requirements, allows us to work with stakeholders and the local municipalities to develop high quality sites and convert ideas into revenue generating facilities.

Evolution's exclusive business is to develop, own and manage telecommunications facilities in a specific geographical area: the northeast United States. As a result of this regional focus, Evolution is better able to serve our landowners, customers and the communities where we do business.

Evolution and its key personnel have extensive experience in developing new communications facilities throughout New York and the northeastern United States. This experience includes developing rooftop installations and retrofitting existing facilities to suit customer needs however, the majority of projects developed over the past thirty years have been raw land tower sites. Evolution's expertise goes beyond site acquisition and permitting to include site layout, civil design, construction management, tower ownership and creative problem solving.

In addition to designing each facility to comply with the local regulations Evolution also works with the best subject matter experts in the region to insure that the proposed facility and our proposed activities comply with all associated local, state and federal regulations.

Evolution also conducts an environmental review of all proposed properties in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act and local conservation regulations to make sure each project will not have a negative impact on important environmental resources, including properties that are registered or eligible for registration for historic significance. In addition, a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is also conducted to insure that each proposed site location is free from environmental hazards and contaminants.